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A normal everyday Home Loan does not suit everyone.  You may be self employed, need the security of fixed rates, more flexibility or help to get your first home.

With every loan from Premium Variable Rate Home Loans to Business Purpose Loans and everything in between, Synergy can give you control of your finances. 

Don't just go to a bank and get a Home Loan.  Use Synergy and get the right product and structure to make your Home Loan work for you saving time, money and heartache so you can maximise your investment opportunites and reach your financial goals

Our products are sourced from leading non bank lenders and include but are not limited to the following

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Premium Variable Rate Home Loan

Take control of your finances and use a Home Loan with all the features and a low variable interest rate.  With features such as internet access, debit cards, Interest Only or Principal and Interest repayments, free internet access, salary credits and B-Pay, this loan gives you everything you need at a low rate and  no ongoing fees.  For a flexible, low rate, low cost home loan to do all you need it to do, look no further.

Premium Residential Investment Loan

Make your investment pay dividends by controlling your investment loan.  Like the Premium Home Loan, this product is fully featured and offers options of variable rtate portions, fixed rate portions, Interest Only repayments or a combination of whatever you need.  With different loan portions as an option, you can keep your records clean and simple making your investment loan easy to manage saving you time and money.  Call Synergy today to get the structure you need for your investments.

Lo Doc (Self Employed) Loan

If you are self employed and registered for GST but havn't done your tax returns or have a complex financial structure, Synergy's Lo Doc Home Loan gives you a simple income verification test so you can get the loan you need.  The Lo Doc loan is fully featured but offers a simplified income test for those self employed borrowers who are unable to produce their tax returns.  Call us to find out how this loan can help you.

Line Of Credit

Are you are share trader or own a portfolio of investment properties that need occasional funding?  A Line of Credit may be the answer for you.  A Line of Credit allows you to borrow and repay funds on your loan under an approved limit without the hassle of applying each time you need to draw funds down.  You are aonly charged for the funds you use andyou can use your loan funds when and where you want to.  A Line of Credit gives you control allowing you to make you loan work for you.

Business Purpose Loan

Our Business Purpose Loan gives you the opportunity to fund your business requirements with the low rates and low costs of a Home Loan.  Business purposes such as loan refinances, commercial property purchases and equipment finance are all examples of how Synergy can provide an inexpensive and secure of funding for your business.  The loan is fully featured so you can have full control.  Call one of our consultants to find out how to cut the cost of running your business

Fixed Rate Loan

Fixed Rate Loans give you the security of a fixed interest rate and fixed repayment amount for a term nominated by you.  Options are available for Interest Only or Principal and Interest repayment and you can choose a fixed rate term of 1 to 5 years.  So if you want to secure your financial obligationsfor the next few years, This loan has what you need

Blended Rate Loan

If you need both the security of fixed rates and the flexibility of variable rates, our Blended Rate loan gives you the best of both worlds.  Choose from a mixture of fixed and variable rate for any term between 1 and 5 years.  For example, you may be suited by a 60/40 split with 60% of the loan amount on a Principal and Interest Variable Rate and 40% fixed interest Only repayments for 3 years.  That is just one of a huge number of variations you could choose with this loan.  The Synergy staff will help you work out your best blend.

Non Conforming Loan

Have you had credit problems in the past that affects your ability to obtain loans?  Many funders will not give those with any form of credit impairment a second chance.  At Synergy we have a range of products for applicants with credit problems to help them get back on their feet and regain control of their finances.  The products are well featured and competetively priced.  Call us if you need help getting back on your financial feet.

Low Savings Home Loan

With house prices rising, it's hard work getting the deposit you need to purchase a property as many funders insist upon a certain level of savings.  Synergy has a Low Savings Loan to give you the start you need.  The loan comes with full features so you can manage to loan to suit your needs.  Family gifts, First Home Owner grants and even other loans are sometimes needed to get you over the line for your property purchase and under this loan.  If you can't wait any longer, please contact us and let us help you with your home purchase.